Company Profile
UNITRON Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. formerly 'UNITRON SYSTEMS', established in 1987, today boasts of an impressive growth rate from the start. With the growth in the products and Capacities Company changed its name to UNITRON Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd., as it is now known.

The main strength of the company is manufacturing and development of various types of New Generation Power Conditioning & Power Conversion equipment such as U.P.S., DC-DC Converters, Inverters, and Charge Regulators VFD Drives etc.

With the expertise of Mr.P.Ravindranath - Director and experience of Mr.G.K.Rao - Technical Consultant, few years back the Company diversified into foray of Renewable Energy Systems, such as small wind energy, which is still at a nascent stage in our country, especially the concept of 'MICRO WIND'.

The company has full-fledged facility at to manufacture of Wind Generators ranging from Roof Top 650 watts up to 5.1 K.W, micro wind farms up to 0.4 MW and hybrid systems up to 200 K.W.

To compliment the above product range 'UNITRON' also started manufacturing energy Efficient Street Lighting systems with record lumen efficiencies touching 200 lumens/w. The lamp systems are available in 35W, 55W & 90W ranges with 5400, > 10000 & > 18000 lumens respectively.

Unitron is also known as BOS specialist, host of controllers, loggers, optimizers, etc., are manufactured for various applications of renewable energy technologies.

PUNE – 411032 INDIA
+91 - 20 - 26687006
+91 - 20 - 26684399
Breakthroughs and competitive strengths
UNITRON is one of the first small-scale enterprise recognized by MNES (Ministry of nonconventional energy) to manufacture "wind - solar " hybrid systems under their special program.
UNITRON’s installed capacity exceed 800KW till date spread over 95 sites in different states of India and abroad.
UNTRON was selected by IT Power for electrification of an "island" of the coast of Pondicherry through use of wind-solar hybrid system . This project was completed in August 2001 and till dated has proved 100% availability.
UNITRON is selected by Govt. of GOA for electrification of three sites (25 kW ) which include "Official Residence" of the Chief Minister of GOA state. These Projects were completed in record time of 5 Weeks !!
UNITRON successfully convinced local govt. like " Corporation of PUNE" for utilization of hybrid systems in public places like Parks, Pune Snake park can now boast of having a 4.65 kW hybrid system which is powering 35 streetlights, 40 garden lights and 2 small pumps.
UNITRON ' s inherent strength is product engineering and development especially power conversion systems, controllers, regulators, data loggers etc.,
UNITRON 's Clientele enjoys reliable support and supply of all BOS systems manufactured under one roof.
UNITRON also specializes in several mechanical components that go into wind turbines such as bearings, shafts, yaw blades, adapters, rotors Towers of different types etc., the wind generators are 100% manufactured In-house now.
Fully automatic wind-solar hybrid power plants successfully installed for area lighting at "Dona Paula" Goa and "Snake Park” Pune.
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